Establishing a College for Cognitively Challenged Adults




The establishment of an in-house academic-technological college adapted for cognitively challenged adults at the Gal residences has set a worldwide precedent. It is a form of affirmative action that addresses the rights of these adults to a lifelong supportive educational system, as noted in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The college will provide a solution for developing and enriching general knowledge and cognition, alongside the day treatment center’s additional services.


• Provide an opportunity for academic learning for adults with a severe and deep cognitive-developmental disability.

• Impart theoretical knowledge on academic subjects of potential relevance to this population (to be detailed later), using iPad and cognitive accessibility technologies.

• Empowering students and enhancing their self-image, self-confidence and their quality of life.

• Empowering students and bolstering their esteem vis-à-vis their families through heightened communication and means of discourse.

• Empowering the students’ families.

• Reinforcing ties to the city through guided tours of the Rishon LeZion Museum and the municipal library.

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