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The Rishon LeZion Foundation


A million shekels were raised, cooperation and transparency guide our way


Various bodies that work in cooperation with the foundation, including the municipality, associations, foundations and international bodies


A million shekels were raised, cooperation and transparency guide our way

All the projects need your contribution!

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Rishon LeZion Foundation - Support Culture, Creative, Arts and Sports

Greetings from the Mayor – Raz Kinstlich

Dear Residents,
For the past three decades the Rishon LeZion Foundation has partnered with the city and worked for its development with dedication, drive and great success, allocating resources for promoting municipal initiatives.

Over the years the foundation, a nonprofit, has provided strong support for increasing the renown of a host of cultural assets with which we have been blessed; it contributes to fostering sports and education, and to promoting excellence; invests in gifted students and in disadvantaged populations; creates economic cooperative efforts with local industrialists; contributes to commemorating, advancing and preserving the city’s unique historical heritage; assists in renovating sports fields, libraries and tourist sites…

From the Chairman – Ronen Cohen Zemach

My Fellow Partners,
Since its establishment, the Rishon LeZion Foundation has worked to promote the development of the City of Rishon LeZion and for the well-being of its residents in the spheres of education, culture and art. Over the past 30 years the foundation has led many municipal projects on behalf of various populations in the city, in an effort to improve and advance education, knowledge, culture and the city’s heritage.

We are constantly working for the city’s residents in cooperation with the Rishon LeZion Municipality, through its various divisions. We are attentive to the needs that arise from the field and appeal to those who can be partners in promoting and enhancing the issues…

A Message from the CEO – Efrat Gal-Edd

A strong community is the first ingredient necessary for the resilience of a society as it contends with challenges, both those of yesterday as well as of tomorrow. The community constitutes a safety net, providing significant social support. Rishon LeZion – Israel’s fourth-largest city – has deep roots and is undergoing a process of growth, progress and increasing prosperity.

At the Rishon LeZion Foundation, we continue to promote and to lead the work being done for the benefit and well-being of the city’s residents. We engage in our efforts while maintaining the highest quality standard and transparency in processes. Our involvement extends over a wide range of spheres, providing leverage and assistance, with particular emphasis on education and welfare, art, culture, innovation and development.

Support for social integration, mutual help, excellence in education and business in the community

All the projects need your contribution!

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