Donation Terms and Conditions

This is the official website of the Rishon LeZion Foundation, No. 580185601, through which donations to the foundation may be made.
Any use of the website, including making donations, constitutes consent to behave subject to these terms and conditions. Please carefully read the terms and conditions.

Everything stated on the website in the masculine also refers to the feminine, and vice versa. Everything stated in the singular also refers to the plural, and vice versa.

The Rishon LeZion Foundation may, at any time, change these terms and conditions without prior notice. Any such change will take effect with its publication on the website. The most current version of the terms of use may be read whenever entering the website.


1. Through this website the Rishon LeZion Foundation enables donating funds on behalf of the foundation’s objectives and its needs, in an easy, convenient and quick way.

2. The website’s clearing company meets the PCI standard.

3. Anyone conducting a transaction may contact the foundation with a request to change the charge’s details and cancel the transaction. The latter may be cancelled pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981, and the regulations that were enacted according to it, within 14 days of the day notice of the donation was made by phone to 03-7341000 and/or by the internet. The foundation shall make the required change pursuant to the policy in place at that time at the credit company. Should the credit company charge the foundation a commission due to the action, the person who performed the transaction would be charged the said commission.

4. A receipt shall be provided for each donation, pursuant to the provisions of the law.

5. Submitting false details at the time of performing the transaction constitutes a criminal offense, with everything that entails.

6. The Rishon LeZion Foundation is not, nor shall it be, liable for any misuse, unauthorized use or illegal use made of the credit card details provided in order to make the payment/transaction.

7. Privacy: The foundation maintains the donors’ privacy and does not keep the users’ credit details. Only an operator approved for such on the foundation’s behalf may see the donation’s details. The website operator may use the user’s personal information for internal needs only, and for the purpose of direct communication with the user. The website operate shall not be considered to be breaching the duty of privacy or harming the user’s privacy due to any information, as defined in the Computer Law 5755-1995, that is used in order to identify the user or to impersonate him by another, that stems from the use of electronic communication means in general, and specifically from computer communications. The website operator does not share personal and identifying information about the user with a third party. The aforesaid notwithstanding, nothing stated here prevents the website operator from sharing said information so far as it may be required to do so within the context of any legal proceeding and any demand and/or summons that shall be sent to it by the Israel Police and/or a court, subject to any law.

8. The assets received as donations (including funds and monetary equivalent) shall be recorded in an internal donor registry, which will contain the donor’s name, a description of the asset received and the date it was received. The donor registry shall be open for review by the association’s committee members, Registrar of Associations examiners, the Income Tax Commission and other bodies that have legal authority to review the registry.

9. A donor wishing to donate anonymously needs to meet the provisions of the Associations Regulations 5763-2003, and this is subject to Registrar of Associations approval and to the submitting of a request pursuant to the procedure published on the Corporations Authority – Registrar of Associations website.

10. Limitation of Liability: The foundation shall bear no liability for activity that may be carried out by users of the website or due to any other factor, including the website/service’s unavailability, and it shall bear no damage and/or loss that shall be caused due to and/or stemming from use of the website. The information and the contents published on this website are intended to provide the website’s visitor and user with information about the Rishon LeZion Foundation’s activities, as well as about the nature and scope of the services that it provides to the general public.

11. The Rishon LeZion Foundation and those on its behalf shall not bear any liability for direct and/or indirect and/or circumstantial liability of any type, as a result or in the wake of visiting and using this website. The links from this website to other websites are meant only for the visitor’s convenience, and neither the Rishon LeZion Foundation nor those on its behalf bear, nor shall they bear, any liability for direct and/or indirect and/or circumstantial liability stemming from or caused to a visitor as a result of the visitor’s clicking on other websites as stated above, or as a result of relying on the information that appears/or is offered on them.

12. The Rishon LeZion Foundation makes every effort to ascertain that the information on the website is accurate and current, but there may be omissions, errors and information that is not current, regarding which the Rishon LeZion Foundation assumes no responsibility.

13. The Rishon LeZion Foundation does not guarantee that the service provided on the website will not be interrupted, that it will be provided without interruption and disturbance and/or that it will be immune from illegal access to Rishon LeZion Foundation computers, damage, breakdown, malfunction, failures in hardware, software or in the Rishon LeZion Foundation’s or any of its providers’ communication lines.

14. The user is fit to perform binding legal actions. Should you be a minor (under the age of 18) or not be entitled to perform legal actions without a guardian’s approval, your use of the website shall be viewed as if you had received the guardian’s approval.

15. The foundation may prevent the transactor from donating on the website by blocking him in any one of the following instances:

• The transactor performed an illegal action and/or violated provisions of the law.

• The transactor breached any of the terms and conditions.

• During and/or after registration, the transactor intentionally provided erroneous details on the telephone.

• The transactor committed an action and/or omission that could harm the association and/or anyone on its behalf and/or the proper activity of the website and/or any third party.

• The donation is unsuitable and/or is not in keeping with the association’s objectives that are detailed on the website.

16. Without prejudicing the aforesaid, anyone committing such violations may be subject to legal, criminal and civil proceedings.

17. Interpretation of the terms and conditions, and enforcement of the terms and conditions or any action and/or conflict stemming from them, shall be done pursuant to the laws of the State of Israel and, if need be, shall be adjudicated in the authorized courts.

If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.



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