Mikhall is a support and empowerment program for children and teens with a disability, led and inspired by adults who have life experience with a disability – people who know exactly what It is like to grow up and live with a disability, and who have learned to live a full life alongside of it.


It’s a fact: People with a disability reach adulthood quantitatively behind others, in every sphere of life. There are a range of reasons for this, but the central and most important one is a considerable lack of basic social and inter-personal tools that are necessary for them to function fully in Israeli society. This lack was created in the wake of difficulties in contending with their disability.


Mikhall is a program for children and teens with a disability, led and inspired by adults who have life experience with a disability. The program was established by three entrepreneurs with a disability, each possessing broad personal, professional and volunteer experience, and a deep and refreshing vision in his outlook: The program’s overarching goals are to provide personal support and guidance to children and youth with a disability to achieve independence, self-realization and to contribute to society, something that will significantly reduce the sense of loneliness and social alienation that many of them currently experience, and that in the future will reduce their dependence on others.

For Whom?

The program is for any boy or girl, ages 8-16, with a disability of any kind (every application will be examined on an individual basis), who is highly motivated to learn, grow, develop and realize the potential that exists in him or her. The personal support process will be led by adult mentors, age 21 and above, with a disability who have undergone a professional selection and training process, and who will be employed in a paid (not volunteer) position.

Program includes:

1. A one-on-one personal support program, over 24 meetings.
2. Support and counseling hours for the participant’s parents and family.
3. A registration kit, including a small gift.
4. A uniform, reduced fixed price for a limited time.
5. A remuneration program for mentors, for every hour of support.

Pilot Program Structure:
The pilot program will last three months and will include 20 families with children with a disability ages 8-16, as well as 10 adult mentors with a disability.

Throughout the process measurement and assessment will take place, based on information from the mentors and from the families, in order to streamline and improve service.

At the end of the pilot the process with the participants will continue as is, until the program’s conclusion.

Pilot Program’s Objectives:

• Kickstart a first activity group.
• Examine building the relationship between the mentor and the participant and the family.
• Prove the ability to replicate the success for large numbers of participants.
• Examine the effectiveness of the empowerment model (the layers model).
• Collect general information from the mentor, the participant and from the family.
• Initial establishment of a community of supporters.
• Examine the effectiveness of the empowerment model (the points model).
• Establish Mikhall as an innovative organization with a fresh approach and a significant presence in the market.
• Priority and primacy.


The pilot program period is defined and is set to run for three months. After this period the inputs, responses and the results of the measurement and assessment processes that will take place throughout the period will be examined. After this period, the empowerment activity continues alongside examining the opening of additional support cohorts.

Pilot Costs:

Component Cost to Funding Body (NIS) No. of Meetings No. of Beneficiaries Total (NIS)
Mentoring hour 170 ₪  24 20 81,600 ₪ 
Mentor training 1,000 ₪  9 10 10,000 ₪ 
Total                                                                                                                  91,600 ₪ 


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