Lucky charm

העצמת הקהילה


We created a cameo with the Merkaba and Magen David Symbol.
Three dimensional that according to kabbalah protects anyone possessing it.
With the help of your donation we can reach all the female and male soldiers in the field and gift them this cameo
A symbol of energy in the form of a three-Dimensional star
of David appears in the Kabbalah
this form embodies the highest of strengths in nature
and provides protection to anyone possessing it.
Mer- Light
Ka- Wind
Ba- Body
The meaning of the word creates a strong
spiritual and physical energy field.
The upper pyramid is called the sun pyramid,
allows the power of life to enter via Father sky.
The lower pyramid is called the earth pyramid,
the power of life provided by mother earth.

Please make sure you mention the reason of donation-lucky charm

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