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In this complex and confusing period of contending with the coronavirus, as well as with the economic crisis, gaps have been created between those who are able to afford the purchase of a computer and those who are less fortunate. The city’s Social Services Department currently cares for 3,300 poor families who are struggling with crises resulting from job loss and economic hardship, in addition to the difficulties that they were experiencing prior to the arrival of COVID-19. Our main concern here is focused on 2,000 children and youth at risk, who are liable to descend into dangerous behaviors, as well as to be exposed to parental violence toward them, should they not be in any type of framework and who need to be kept occupied.

Schoolchildren are stuck at home and are being forced to adapt tools for online learning. Unfortunately, many boys and girls from families of little means are finding remote learning difficult, and the gaps are growing and deepening. In addition, it is important to emphasize that many of these children are defined as being youth at risk, and there is growing concern that when they are at home without the supportive, enveloping system of school they will return to modes of risky behaviors. We would like to equip 120 households of underprivileged families with laptop computers, so that they can continue their studies and be able to connect from home and maintain contact with treatment professionals. We have started many programs in the city, such as a program promoting excellence in mathematics and English, and a program providing reinforcement in all subjects, and we want these students to continue in them.

The grant’s objectives:

1. We are preparing for a situation in which the current school year will continue in a remote learning format. Therefore, we have an immediate need to distribute the laptops to families as soon as possible.

2. At the same time, we will train the staffs and make sure that he programs continue operating even during remote learning.

3. Assuming we receive the requested equipment, we will be able to continue running the programs we began and which are currently suspended.


Outcomes/changes that the project is attempting to achieve:

1. Move the projects for supporting weaker populations online, in order to continue them and to enable continuity and contact with the students.

2. The teens learning in the programs will be under supervision and in that way we will minimize the risk that they will get involved with criminal elements, violent behaviors and addictions.

3. The students will succeed in utilizing the free time that exists for the purpose of improving scholastic achievement.

4. The students will engage in developing life skills and in contributing to society, not just in benefiting themselves, out of a rationale of broadening their range of activity and developing within them tools for adopting a system-wide perspective.

Sound interesting? Your donation of NIS 2,500 can empower and advance a child who currently lacks access to learning. It will reduce the gap and provide a real opportunity for change.

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