YAMAS The uncovered units

העצמת הקהילה


Since the Iron Swords War broke on October 7, 2023, Yamas (Israel Border Police unit), have been playing a significant part in the intense fighting against Hamas, which continues to this day. During this time, Yamas fighters were exposed to multiple horrors and atrocities; they witnessed scenes of many casualties, and experienced personal losses of commanders, family members and friends. Such events have threatened and endangered their mental health, resulting in a dire and urgent need of a mental-health intervention plan. The program is adapted to the warriors’ mental challenges and operational intensity, aiming to prevent mental illness, preserve and enhance mental resilience and well-being, and increase the fighters’ physical and mental capacity, in routine and extreme situations. The annual program cost is $34,500.

Established in 1992, YAMAS Special Operations Group Foundation is a home for soldiers serving in 4 Yamas (Israel Border Police) units across Israel., We care for Yamas veterans and graduates, for reserve units and bereaved families; we work to provide for their well-being and education, as well as rehabilitation and support of wounded and trauma victims.

The Yamas warriors fought at the front line in the battles of 7/10, and to this day are active in countering terrorism in the heart of a hostile Arab population. They saved hundreds of civilians, soldiers and wounded on the battlefield and prevented a greater disaster. Unfortunately, some of them paid with their lives and many were injured.

Today, we are raising funds to restore the mental strength of these elite fighters.
Join us in supporting and providing for their needs:
• 4 sports days to honor 9 fallen soldiers – 6,757 USD
• 4 evening conferences to honor warriors and wounded – 13,514 USD
• Renovating a club for warriors and wounded – 13,514 USD
• Closing an aluminum wall in the terrace of Yamas club – 5,946 USD
• 4 learning scholarships for warriors for each of the 4 Yamas units – 8,108 USD
• 4 teambuilding and bonding days for warriors and their families – 27,027 USD
• Sound system for warrior’s gym – 2,027 USD
• APX model Wireless mute – 676 USD
• Finishing the writing of a Torah scroll with the names of fallen Yamas soldiers and holding the rituals of bringing a new Torah scroll to the synagogue – 91,081 USD

The total cost is 182,162 USD

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