Rehabilitative Day Care Center Shikunei Hamizrah Community Center




A plan to establish a rehabilitative day care center at Shikunei Hamizrah Community Center Rishon LeZion

The Vision:

The belief in and recognition of the right of toddlers with special needs to receive appropriate and proper care, with emphasis on the importance of treatment in the first stages of their lives, in an effort to realize their inherent potential.

Target population: 12 toddlers on the autism spectrum, ages 1-3 years.

The Need:

It is estimated that by 2022 about 82 toddlers in Rishon LeZion will need rehabilitative day care centers. From this, we can conclude that there is a need for about eight rehabilitative day care centers in the autism sphere in Rishon LeZion alone.

The Current Situation:

Existing rehabilitative day care centers in Rishon LeZion

• Alutaf – 18 places
• Meonot Bracha – 8 places
• Aviv – 15 places; awaiting approval for five additional places.

The city is currently set up to provide a municipal solution for 41 toddlers. In light of the capacity limit on rehabilitative day care centers, many toddlers are bused outside the city and join day care centers in Holon, Bat Yam, Gan Yavne, Modi’in, Reut, Lod and elsewhere. These entail long and tiring travel routes, which create emotional difficulty for the parents, who must send their young child on a long bus ride outside the city.

Operative Model – Rehabilitative Day Care Center that Operates in the Community Center

In the current operative model, the rehabilitative day care center will operate inside the community center. This is an innovative model, since the day care center usually operates in separate buildings, and here we are proposing a model in which the day care center constitutes an integral part of the community center’s activity, it takes part in everything that happens at the community center, and works in full cooperation. If need be, the day care center can use the community center’s facilities, including play area, activity rooms and more.


Building an entrance and making it accessible 300,000
Building and adapting a classroom 150,000
Equipping a classroom 65,000
Occupational therapy room 40,000
Physiotherapy room 40,000
Playground – adapting and shading 265,000
Equipping playground 50,000
Adapting patio to serve as a studio 250,000
Total 1.160,000

Partners: Rishon LeZion Municipality, Association for Children and Youth at Risk, Israel Association of Community Centers, Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services – Disabilities Administration.

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