Boosting Scholastic Achievement at Ramat Eliyahu Community Center


Social Inclusion


A project specially geared to helping middle and high school students who live in Ramat Eliyahu, in order to enhance, bolster and improve their scholastic achievement.

The learning center at the Ramat Eliyahu Community Center and the Rishon LeZion Foundation, in cooperation with a private UK foundation, have initiated a unique and successful project on behalf of the neighborhood’s school children. Within the context of the project, we identified a need by many students for additional resources throughout the year in math and English studies.

The program’s uniqueness lies in recruiting top-notch teachers, sorting the students by age and level, and assigning them to very small, quality groups of between five and six students per class, for sessions and personal support during a number of meetings per week in math and English.

The lessons, of course, are provided at no cost, with the students’ commitment being to seriousness, obligatory attendance at sessions, and cooperation with the staff.

More about the Program: The Staff

For each subject we recruited a professional teacher of proven experience who actually works at one of the high schools and knows the curriculum. We also brought in two teaching assistants with proven knowledge in the relevant subject, along with additional volunteers for math – who are engineers and economists by training.

Having professional staff and support staff enabled maintaining the individual teaching model with a personal approach. This model is vital for the group, since the children in it come from various schools, are on different levels, and struggle with a variety of learning difficulties.


We made sure to have food and drink on hand – sandwiches and cake, as well as coffee, tea, milk and water for all of the lessons, in order to make it possible for the children to come to a center that offers a warm experience, and to enable them to reduce learning-delay factors, such as hunger.

The help from you, our partners, is as important as ever, in order to reach boys and girls who need professional support. We believe that providing a reinforcing work environment, warmth and encouragement will lead to improvement and to the ability of each and every student, through education at a high level, to improve the quality of their lives in the future, and to be accepted for the leading study tracks in high school, the army and in academia.

The project began in 2019, and our goal is to grow it in the coming years by expanding it to additional communities in Rishon LeZion.

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