Repair Crew

Project No. 53 – The Repair Crew goes out and repairs the home- making it more safe and secure. The crew has two roles: the first is to initiate visits to the homes of Holocaust survivors in order to install safety devices and features, such as safety railings, and the second – to make physical …

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Project No. 49 – The Community Center on Wheels includes a mobile stage, which will make it possible to conduct a variety of activities for the entire range of ages during all hours of the day, and will constitute a platform for social, community and leisure activity. It will be accessible anywhere it is needed …

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Olympic and Academic Excellence

Project No. 48 – Olympic and Academic Excellence is a project that will include children on the edge of the continuum in the spheres of Olympic excellence, with an orientation for excellence and achievement in both sports and scholastics.

Social Café

Project No. 45 – The Rishon LeZion Foundation supports a “social café” venture, whose purpose is to establish a business where youth at risk will work and be partners in management.

Project Shelter

Project No. 44 – Shelter is a project that deals with providing immediate and temporary emergency lodging for youth at risk, as well as initial aid, protection, hot meals, care, support and guidance, help with taking full advantage of rights, and assistance in structuring a follow-on program for teen boys and girls in situations of …

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Chavaya Club

Project No. 43 – There is an open area at the Ramat Eliyahu Youth Center that serves all of the neighborhood youth. It is a place where the teens come to enjoy themselves, meet, play and spend some of their free time. The space contains a variety of games, including table games, ping pong, pool, …

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Hadar Center for the Third Age

Project No. 41 – The center’s purpose is to provide treatment for senior citizens who are mentally and physically frail, and who require rehabilitation and close support. It will assist 150 seniors, who will receive social services, various rehabilitative and other activities.

First Computer for Every Child

Project No. 37 – In this complex and confusing period of contending with the coronavirus, as well as with the economic crisis, gaps have been created between those who are able to afford the purchase of a computer and those who are less fortunate.


Project No. 35 – Establishing a snoezelen – controlled multisensory environment (MSE) – at Ma’on Vered. Ma’on Vered is an educational framework for developmentally delayed children with a mild, moderate or severe delay, ages 0-8.

Uniform to University – Scholarships

Project No. 33 – The Rishon LeZion Foundation, in cooperation with YAHAD – United for Israel’s Soldiers, is active on behalf of discharged soldiers who are residents of Rishon LeZion, by raising supplementary funds for scholarships in accordance with the IDF chief of staff’s program.

Agam Museum

Project No. 30 – The Agam Museum, which is located in the government complex in Kiryat Rishon, is a unique showcase of the work of world-renowned artist Yaacov Agam.

Ofek Le’Atid – Strengthening Math Studies

Project No. 29 – An international educational foundation, in cooperation with the Rishon LeZion Foundation and the Rishon LeZion Municipality’s Education Division, approved a three-year grant for a unique municipal project to increase to 25% the number of high school students studying five units of mathematics in the city.

PERACH Boosters

Project No. 28 – The Rishon LeZion Foundation awards thousands of grants and loans to students participating in PERACH (student mentoring and tutoring project), in addition to the basic scholarship provided by the PERACH organization itself.

Academic Loans

Project No. 27 – One significant project of great importance that the Foundation has been promoting for a number of years is the annual provision of loans to students who are residents of the city, and awarding scholarships to students who volunteer through the PERACH Project to mentor and tutor youngsters in Rishon LeZion.

Discharged Soldiers Home

Project No. 24 – The Discharged Soldiers Home serves as a residence for discharged male and female IDF combat soldiers, most of them residents of Rishon LeZion. The home comprises 120 apartments with 200 discharged servicemen and women, who pay a low rent.


Project No. 18 – Mikhall is a support and empowerment program for children and teens with a disability, led and inspired by adults who have life experience with a disability – people who know exactly what It is like to grow up and live with a disability, and who have learned to live a full …

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Yad Lebanim

Project No. 17 – The Rishon LeZion Foundation works on behalf of the city’s families who have lost loved ones in Israel’s wars. Within this context, the Foundation lends support through contributions earmarked for Beit Yad Lebanim and for commemoration.

The Teder Club

Project No. 16 – Teder (Frequency) is Rishon LeZion’s municipal youth club. The club includes a well-appointed events hall, music room and recording studio open to the public at low prices, and of course the skateboard park, which is open to the general public seven days a week.

Ron Vardi Center

Project No. 10 – The Rishon LeZion Foundation supported the advancement of the center, which over the years has expanded the scope of its activity. Today, the center hosts municipal projects for fostering outstanding girls, encouraging writing and creativity, including robotics in the community and more.

Rishon LeZion Museum

Project No. 9 – The Rishon LeZion Museum is an open museum located in the heart of the historic city, close to the Great Synagogue. The museum strives to present and pass on local history, as well as Rishon LeZion’s contribution to creating the national symbols and new Israeli cultural values.

Beit Meital Playground

Project No. 7 – Beit Meital, in the Abramovich neighborhood, is a nursing care – treatment day center for 68 people ages 21 and older who have severe cognitive disabilities and need complex treatment and nursing care support levels.

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